Optionsi uses the most advanced trading platform available to retail traders, Metatrader 5 combined with advanced charting and option pricing models derived from the most liquid markets.

MT5 offers clients the ease to open accounts, make deposits and trade from one click of a button. Instead of complex interfaces and hard to understand trading methods, MT5 has a very straight forward trading dashboard and account consolidation window.

Trading Conditions

Options on the Optionsi platform will be tradeable based on the duration of the contract. For a 7 day option, that option will be expiring in 7 days etc at the strike price displayed in the product name on the platform. Below are terms that are included in each option product. Margin will be dependent on the type of product with starting margin of 1%(Leverage 1:100).

Underlying Asset-The asset that you are speculating/hedging, whether it is GBP/USD or Gold, the option profit/loss will move based on the volatility of this product.

Strike Price-The price that the underlying asset must move below/above at expiration date, and which will determine if your option is out of the money, in the money or at the money.

Direction-The direction of your option, such as a buying a call option, selling a call option, buying a put option or selling a put option.

Expiration Date-The date the option expires, this date is the date that your option will be settled. Clients must take notice of this date because all positions not closed by this date will be forcefully settled at this date.