To make short term options available to all investors.
To provide a transparent, low cost and efficient trading environment.
Increase liquidity and make short term options available for all financial products.


The trading volume of the foreign exchange options market exceeds 300 billion U.S. dollars per working day, but all institutions, except large institutions, cannot directly interface with global market maker banks. Few individual traders are able to obtain higher option prices, let alone transparency or two-way liquidity. Even mid-sized companies with hedging needs can struggle to compete with the services of regional banks.

Although spot forex trading can be found in every corner of the online world, options have been left behind because brokers that provide excellent spot forex liquidity lack the technology, risk management, and product expertise to provide options trading.
Derivatives are game-changers. We electronically provide our clients with cash and options liquidity from major banks through spot and options, 24/5 liquidity, risk management tools, effective span margin and intuitive trading platforms, all of which are subject to the regulatory environment of the highest jurisdiction.